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At E-Site Inspector we put on our x-ray glasses and show you exactly how visitors and search engines interact with your website and Social Media.

Our website and social media review provide priceless insights and pinpoint your marketing obstacles.

What Should You Expect Once You Decide to Move Forward?


Marketing Clarity and High Business Visibility


Attract Ready To Buy Prospects


Convert Prospects To Customers (More Sales)

We create synergy between these three elements to entice your clients to call you.

Over 98% of our potential clients retain us to maximize their marketing potential.

Is it easy to inspect my website?

Yes, We do all the work and explain the results in plain English. No technical jargon!

Is it inexpensive?

Yes, our website, social media inspection, and consultation is 100% Complementary.

We will show you how to work a simple system to Get LEADS &

save money & time.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Innovative Marketing System?

If you have website problems, Hamed is the guy to go to. Hamed was great to work with. He listened to my story. He was kind, humble, and thorough in his site investigation. He solved several problems all at once. Very professional as he offered suggestions along the way. I’m happy to have worked with him and expect to do business again.

Elizabeth M.

B2B Direct Response Copywriter and Funnel Expert

Hamed is professional, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. His demeanor and engaging approach make him very easy to talk to and trust.

Hamed met with me for a consultation on digital marketing, social media marketing, website design, and landing page design for my real estate business. He reviewed my existing sites and advertising media, made recommendations on which ones I should keep as is or adjust for optimal SEO and (much to my pleasant surprise) advised me on how to evaluate my marketing efforts and brokerage partnerships to align with my long-term goals and vision regarding the professional quality I deem necessary in my service-oriented business.

I recommend Hamed without reservation and look forward to working with him for years to come.

Greta T.

Associate Broker & REALTOR® Referral Concierge at The Boutique Real Estate Group

I highly recommend working with Hamed Noorzay. He is intelligent, kind, and easy to reach. Hamed’s creative mind led me to think outside of the box, and he was able to explain his design idea and how to generate leads very clearly to a nontechnical person. Hamed created the perfect landing page design for my business and helped me create a sales funnel. He even coached me on how to follow up with the newly generated leads. Thanks to Hamed, my business is growing.

Lori R.

Owner/Director of Acti-Kare South Orange County

Hamed and I had a meeting on how to generate targeted leads for a networking colleague in South Orange County and I realized how specific his process can be for more cost and time effectiveness.

He knows how to create a sales funnel to generate leads, and back it up with a ‘local social’ presence to promote referrals, and stay in front of clients for repeat business.

I am excited to bring more marketing challenge opportunities to him because he knows what he’s doing in a confident, uncomplicated way.

Yo Adrian S.

'Boutique' print shop-design, brand development, advertising, promotions, direct mail, with digital marketing resources

Hamed has worked on my Linkedin Account and has done a wonderful job exposing my listings to the market. He is very knowledgeable about online marketing and I would recommend him for anyone looking for an honest man doing online marketing, especially Linkedin.

Nassim B.

Orange County's Trusted Business Broker

About Hamed:

Hamed Noorzay is the principal consultant at E-site Inspector focusing on creating synergy between business, technology, and people to help small businesses grow. Hamed holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix in business administration. He gained his hands-on experience by working with companies such as Blue Cross, Fluor Daniel, Washington Mutual, Y.M.C.A, and many small businesses.

He has developed a unique blend of knowledge and skills such as advanced business education, more than 20 years of business consulting, business analysis, marketing consulting, and technology implementation experience.

He knows what it takes to complete successful projects and scale his services to meet his clients’ budget. His client engagements range from entrepreneurs, start-ups to small and mid-sized business owners.

He develops custom turnkey website and social media solutions that empowers his clients to build marketing momentum in a sustainable manner to grow their business.

His Core Competencies are:

– Attracting Ready to Buy Customers
– Providing Excellent User Experience on social media and on the clients’ websites
– Entice Visitors to Purchase
– Creating Effective Sales Funnels

His strategic partnership model empowers clients to focus on what they do best; running and leading their business. He will manage their website, social media marketing campaigns and provide monthly activity reports, website maintenance updates, and strategy consultation.

Currently, Hamed lives in Mission Viejo, California.